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Askura Alexander Shkuratov - The Authorial Catalog.

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Askura Alexander Shkuratov - Composer, Songster, Arrangement, Producer and Multi-Performance.
Album - 10 Compositions, format MP3, Time: 46:17. Listen to this Sound only through quality headphones or acoustic systems.
Label: Askura Alexander Shkuratov. Absolutely for FREE Download.

Spirituality. Energy efficiency.
These alternative compositions possess inexplicable Curative Energy. Sound effectively improves a physical and psychological state of the person. The carried out researches confirm the version about application of Spiritual Medicine in the Future. The Art Musical Energy and its art imagery create curative miracles. You can read the extensive information here

Absolutely for FREE Download Album (10 Tacks) MP3 / RAR Time 46:17 / Size 65,44 Mb

1. Sandy Peace (5:21)

2. Escape from Fire (4:55)

3. All is Blessed (4:56)

4. Killed Children (4:32)

5. How are You (5:18)

6. From Heart to Heart (4:23)

7. World Afraid of Us (4:23)

8. Lonely Stars (4:50) - Female Vocal: Tanya Shkuratov

9. J Dragon (3:12)

10. Sun Folks (4:28)

Total Time: 46:17

Albums from the Project “Askura World” are in a category of musical healing prophylaxis: "DARK or LIGHT", “TO THE LIGHT”, “SIGHT FROM RUSSIA”, “ENJOY MY GOD”, Singles "You are the King" and "My Brother".
An album “10 REVELATIONS” - It consists of True Words of Jesus Christ. Divine Energy of the album "10 REVELATIONS" gets into soul of the person with Love. Do not pay attention that the text is performed in Russian, it is of no import.
Also, an album “RECOVERY” is in this category.
You evidently will feel it. The life-giving Nectar collected by Askura Alexander from a world palette of various ethnic Cultures, this is useful and effectively influences improvement of the Spiritual and Physical condition of the Person.
The sense is that the world can heal itself, using ancient ethnic riches, Spiritual riches of cultures of nations of the world.
That to collect this Magic Nectar in necessary proportions, it is necessary to perceive and understand correctly value of Art (Creative) Energy of the world.

The Author's Boutique has been created in support of the organization of the World Tour of Global Show of Askura Alexander Shkuratov. All obtained means will go to Organizational Center “Askura World”.

True Music has been given to Mankind by Divine Heavens. The most complicated mathematics of Sound is woofed from Thin Energy of the Universe and Given to People in the Blessing.  
Each Person has the Sound Individual Frequency. Each Person is a Part of the General Art Harmony of the Universe. 
The UNIVERSE SOUNDS! Learn to Be in Harmony beautifully with the World. Sound your life by Music of Your Soul. And then You Change your Perception of Space and All Your Illnesses Will Disappear.
The Musical Energy you have chosen will create for you a Comfortable Background of the Life and will give a New Sense in Comprehension of People surrounding you and Things.
Be like Music and World will Hears YOU!


Sandy Peace 

It seems to me
the World is build of sand.
I’m worried, cause,
the World is not Grand.
I swear, I’ll take care
of Temples in the air.
And Peace disperses as sand.  
It’s our Homeland.

Askura Alexander Shkuratov


Lonely Stars  

Our souls feel
as far lonely stars.
And the bright sun is filled
with our hearts,
ardent hearts.

So shortly I touch   
timeless Heavenly Love.
Yes, we in need of Heaven's love and God
Oh, we in need of Heaven's love and our God.

      We are Lonely Stars

Askura Alexander Shkuratov


How are you? 

1.    Hey. How are you?
Where, where you go?
Why you sad? What’s up?
Where you fly?
            I have asked.
            I am sorry.
            I know.

2.    Ye, I’m simple so.
            Ye, I went past.
            I have asked you
             How (are) you?
             Ye, I feel good
             I have fine mood.

       Ref.    All is good!
                 Go to Light!
                 Let me ask you,
                 What to do?
          Let me ask you,
                 In Future
                 it’s Good?

Askura Alexander Shkuratov

We are dangerous.
World afraid of us
We are dangerous.
Everyone of us.


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